Which One is Better to Market Your Gift Baskets: Craft Shows or Business Events?

by Shirley George Frazier on July 16, 2014

How to Market Your Gift Baskets - Gift Basket Business Blog. Picture copyright Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.Craft shows may be the first place you choose to market your gift baskets.

Why craft shows?

  • Quick setup; low entrance fee
  • Lots of perceived visitors
  • Potential for quick sales

Perhaps this is good if you want to sell gift baskets either as a hobby or as a part-time venture. However, craft shows will not get your gift baskets in the hands of people in the corporate world, the epicenter for big profits.

Even if managers, executives, and the like see your gift baskets at a craft show, they will quickly associate your baskets with a mommy business (nothing’s wrong with this if that’s the right perception) and not as one that will help them stand out among their executive peers.

If the corporate world is your target, you must seek out and participate at events where the corporate sector gathers.

  • Chamber of Commerce events
  • Association dinner donations
  • Business-based sponsorships

I share this with you because what’s happened to me as I built my business is a worthy example. More of the step-by-step, how-I-did-it (and how you can do it, too) information is revealed to Golden Basket Club members.

Craft shows where I displayed gift baskets drew attention from people who wanted the free lollipop I distributed. Anyone who looked as though they had a corporate job saw me as a crafter, not a savvy businesswoman. How do I know? Come one, you can see it in their eyes. You know the look without verbalizing what it looks like.

When I stepped up and participated at a business event sponsored by the local Chamber of Commerce, conversations between employment agency representatives, real estate managers, and similar professionals was totally different. Our conversations centered around employee productivity gifts and new account appreciation. The energy and potential were totally different. It was what I wanted.

Once I displayed at the business event I never, ever returned to craft shows. Don’t get me wrong; craft shows have their place. I attend them all the time, especially in summer months when I can stroll Mae and Pepi so they can bark at other dogs while I view merchandise. It’s when I attend business gatherings that the mindset centers around business building. If that’s what you want, don’t settle for anything less to market your gift baskets.

If you’ve been able to capture business accounts at craft shows, share in the comments section below how you did it. Perhaps my experience is not the norm.

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Four Bad Food Habits in the Gift Basket World

by Shirley George Frazier on July 9, 2014

Four Bad Food Habits in the Gift Basket World - Gift Basket Business Blog. Picture copyright Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.Isn’t it fabulous that as a gift basket designer, your world introduces you to delicious, exotic, and flavorful foods and snacks?

I tell you in all honesty that I absolutely love seeing and tasting items that consumers don’t yet know exist. It’s part of the “in crowd” experience that elevates your expertise.

There are also caveats to this stature, some that you may be experiencing now, especially if you’re new to gift baskets or haven’t yet developed habits that guard you against sabotaging your efforts.

Here are four to avoid.

1. Eat items that will soon expire.

You can use these products for marketing purposes rather than consume them yourself.

I’ve given almost-expired products to current clients and those who are best in line to buy from me in the future. That’s a much-better way to rid yourself of slow sellers, and your waistline will thank you.

2. Buy only what you like to eat.

I once knew a woman who opened a health food restaurant. Sadly, she closed her business within months because everyone in the neighborhood wanted fried and greasy foods.

Understand that you cannot convert people who like what they like. If you don’t eat peppery snacks or salty foods and your customers enjoy those items, buy it if you expect to stay in business for more than a few months.

3. Don’t take products out of the box when it arrives.

You cannot expect foods and snacks shipped to you from a manufacturer to arrive in perfect order. The shipping box must to opened and products inspected to ensure that the packaging isn’t dented or product tampered.

When I order How to Start a Home-Based Business and The Gift Basket Design Book from my publisher, I open the box to make sure none of the books are dented. Be sure to treat edible items the same way.

4. Snack on what looks good because you’re hungry.

My mom likes one of the snacks that I purchase for gift basket inclusion. She asked me to buy her a case of the snack, and I did so. My mom doesn’t operate a gift basket business, so she can snack as much as she wants.

If you make and sell gift baskets, you cannot treat the inventory like vending machine products. Again, as mentioned in No. 1 above, your waistline will thank you.

What else have you experienced with foods and snacks that ended up sabotaging your gift basket business?

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