Lots of Gift Basket Goodies at Fancy Food

by Shirley George Frazier on July 1, 2015

Copyright Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.

Everything you ever wanted to taste, see, smell, and savor was at this year’s Fancy Food Show at the Javits Center in New York City, which concluded yesterday.

Soreness in my right foot kept me from exploring the entire show. However, what I did find was exceptional in presentation and flavor.

All of my photos and descriptions are on Instagram, which you can find at https://instagram.com/ShirleyGeorgeFrazier, where I hope you’ll follow me for more on gift baskets, business, success, and inspiration to conquer the marketplace however you see fit.

My Fancy Food report will be distributed to Golden Basket Club members. Join me there for design videos, weekly tips, resources, and more.

The photo shown above of Cheesy Dog Treats from Too Good Gourmet, one of Fancy Food’s exhibitors, proves the strength of popular products not just for human consumption. I’m an advocate of including the entire family’s tastes within every gift basket, and pets are high on the list.

What did you find at the Fancy Food Show?

If you weren’t able to attend, what would you have searched for?

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Three Videos to Add to Your Gift Basket Website

by Shirley George Frazier on June 24, 2015

Copyright Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.You know about the popularity of online videos. The fact that you look for information in recorded form proves that fact.

Since your site visitors are also swayed to buy gift baskets through various formats – text, buttons, and photographs – video is another source to consider.

It’s not difficult to create a video with a smartphone, camera, or camcorder. However, if you’re not ready or prepared for the learning curve associated with understanding what to do once the equipment is chosen, you have another option.

Screencastomatic.com* is a helpful recording source. Using your computer, you can record screenshots of your own website to introduce visitors to specific pages and also add a call to action (order, subscribe, etc.).

When you’re ready to record, these three pages are to be at the top of your list for a video addition.

  • Home page – welcome visitors to the site
  • Popular gift basket page – Statistics tells you where visitors go most often
  • Order page – Show buyers the steps to complete their orders

Another place to showcase your videos is on YouTube. Create a channel (if you don’t already have one), as I’ve done for Gift Basket Business, where I share tips on gift basket creation. Subscribe to the channel receive notice about future videos available each month.

In all cases, include a call to action so visitors order, receive your periodic emails, or return again for more information.

What’s the one problem stopping you from adding videos on your site?

*I’m a Screencastomatic.com client with no other affiliation.

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