Savings on Gift Basket Materials Starts June 1

by Shirley George Frazier on May 27, 2015

Gift Basket Business. Copyright Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.More income from your gift basket business hasn’t happened as quickly as you hoped, and there’s a reason.


  • Not marketing as much as you need or want to
  • Not sure how to approach corporate buyers
  • Not making the types of designs that sell

There are other reasons beyond these, but whatever the problem, you want it solved now, and I have a solution.

During the June Deal of the Day event, you can buy CDs, DVDs, and other materials and services that will change your business from lackluster to blockbuster.

Products offered by will be available at huge discounts, as much as 80% off regular prices.

You can read about Deal of the Day on the event’s page at

Throughout June, you can return to the Deal page every weekday (Monday to Friday), or sign up to receive notice about the day’s deal through the sign-up box on the Deal page. In either case, you’ll know about the day’s product or service and how to order.

This one-month event is my gift to you so you are ready for more income as the last half of 2015 begins. It’s time to put on your business cap and start making the income you know you can earn.

Which CD, book, DVD, or service will solve the problem you’re experiencing now?


Why Picking a Gift Basket Niche Can Be Helpful or Harmful

by Shirley George Frazier on May 20, 2015

Gift Basket Business. Copyright Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.When starting a gift basket business, you might consider beginning with a specific niche such as baskets that only contain:

  • Books
  • Baby items
  • Bath products
  • Gifts only (no foods)

You’re not alone. I also considered this angle and began making gift baskets with non-food items. Business was pretty good, as my target market was pleased that recipients would always have mementos rather than products that were eaten and forgotten.

When the opportunity came to promote my business on The Food Network, my model changed overnight. There was no way I could appear on a cable station that was all about food and not show any.

That was the turning point for my initial niche, and it was fine. Even though I had to buy more inventory, business was more profitable because I earned more revenue promoting gift baskets to millions of people rather than selling to a few people in my circles.

This is one of the crucial decisions designers make when we work together in one of the three gift basket VIP programs, and it’s a tough decision. When you want to go right, but your target market says go left, deciding how to proceed takes time. However, having expert guidance that helps you make choices based on long-term potential creates:

  • Satisfied customers
  • Happy family members
  • A lucrative business

What part of your gift basket business can use a boost from expert assistance?

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