Starting a Gift Basket Business? Prepare with These 10 Tips

by Shirley George Frazier on April 23, 2014

Looking and sounding important to other people is a huge motivator for anyone who is insecure about their life, and the decision to start a business to mask that insecurity is a huge mistake.

That was the moral of a recent episode of The Hughleys, a television show now airing in syndication.

The main character’s wife decided to start a gift basket business because her self esteem was bruised. Other women at a gathering were talking about their lives in glowing terms, so the wife decides to start a gift basket business so she would have more to say than “I’m a wife and mother” when asked “What do you do?”

Such reasoning is a weak foundation for any entrepreneurial endeavor and one of the main reasons why the Golden Basket Club is the starting point for gifted designers like you who also want to make sure their ideas actually make money.

You must have passion to build what you start, or you’ll quickly learn that your reasoning is not aligned with what you truly want to achieve.

I watched the show recognizing that while it is a comedy, the gift basket business is no joke. Time, talent, planning, and money are some of the many prerequisites needed to be successful.

I wrote down facts about gift baskets that the wife did not consider while attempting to balance family life with business. Which of these requirements are you overlooking as you prepare for launch?

1. Recognize and document why you are entering this business.
2. Think long, hard, and smart before you buy merchandise.
3. Choose a dedicated space for making gift baskets.
4. Have a plan! Without it, you will constantly be in chaos.
5. Do not make gift baskets 24/7. There is more to life.
6. Research where to buy merchandise so you actually make money.
7. Use your connections as part of your marketing plan.
8. Learn everything possible about delegation and practice it ASAP.
9. Plan your time so you don’t feel guilty about personal things you cannot accomplish.
10. Don’t believe that if you make gift baskets, orders will miraculously come your way.


Why Postal Mail is Still an Important Part of Gift Basket Marketing

by Shirley George Frazier on April 16, 2014

There’s a certain religious group in my town that practices door-to-door literature distribution.

Their members walk up and down the sidewalks canvassing for new members at each home.

I know when they arrive on my block because my twin Yorkies, Mae and Pepi, start barking.

I’m quite sure, without looking online, that this group has a website. However, having a website has not changed their model. Door-to-door canvassing has, and will probably always be, their steadfast marketing tool.

This group models a practice that works for them. Even though you cannot do the same due to for-profit business solicitation laws, there is still a point to make when reviewing their marketing campaign.

Every potential member:

    Owns or rents a front door.
    Does not have a computer.
    Does not have an email address.
    Does not read email every day.

The same is true about your prospects and why postal mail is still a vital part of marketing.

Many aspiring and current designers in my gift basket class ask about the types of marketing that works in this industry and how much it costs. We break down every step to the last dollar so each student knows what it will cost and its potential versus doing everything online, a practice that won’t sustain your business.

I admit that I don’t open the door when this group approaches my home, but I respect their non-stop commitment to increasing their ranks.

What part of your marketing is just as steadfast?

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