A Race to Gift Basket Success

by Shirley George Frazier on July 29, 2015

Copyright Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.I’ve met aspiring designers determined to make their mark by creating gift baskets filled solely with books or baby-themed items. Such niches are common.

After a while the designer either finds clients for consistent sales of these products or decides to expand and offer traditional gift basket themes.

A short time ago, I read an article featuring two cousins who’ve decided to make NASCAR-themed baskets.

NASCAR has a huge following. Individuals and sponsors invest millions of dollars to support the industry.

This niche is not for everyone, but it has as much potential as other ideas.

When I first entered the gift basket industry, I thought that certain niche baskets would be winners. One idea was to use a large enamel tooth as a container and fill it with items to de-stress a person before going to the dentist.

That concept seems strange to me now, and I even laugh when I think about selling a large, hinged tooth with items inside. However, this is similar to what you may conceive as you develop what eventually becomes a thriving business. It’s one of the topics that are discussed by many Golden Basket Club members during teleseminars and live Q&A sessions.

What was your strangest gift basket idea that either went boom or bust? Do you believe the NASCAR-themed gift baskets have potential?

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Are You Selling Stolen Goods in Your Gift Baskets?

by Shirley George Frazier on July 22, 2015

Copyright Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.Online auction sites continue to be popular destinations.

It’s a place where you can find just about anything for sale, and that includes items that were stolen from retail stores.

An article entitled Shoplifters Get Smarter, published in BusinessWeek, explains how new merchandise is swiped from Target, Mervyns, and other retailers. The goods are then sold on Ebay and through other online auctions.

Why is this so easy? One reason: there’s little enforcement online to ensure that what’s being sold has not been obtained illegally. One line in the article states:

“The Internet has allowed a wide distribution of stolen products, whereas before, the fencing of stolen goods was limited to pawnshops and local areas.”

Popular stolen merchandise mentioned in the article includes “electronics, razor blades, and baby food.” However, thieves don’t stop there.

You may not buy snack items through an auction site, but you may consider a carton of baskets to be an interesting find, especially since attractive containers convince customers to choose what you design. But beware; the products’ quality is just as much an issue as who’s selling.

You’ll not only find first-class products directly on wholesale sites, you’ll also find leads to great products on the GiftBasketWholesaleSupplies.com site.

The next time you visit an auction site and see a fantastic price for baskets or other merchandise, ask yourself, “Why is the price so low?” You may be viewing stolen goods.

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