A Gift Basket for You This Valentine’s Day

by Shirley George Frazier on February 10, 2016

It’s been almost seven months since I expressed my appreciation to each of you for allowing the articles here at GiftBasketBusiness.com to positively influence your business.

I am truly grateful, and now I have something special to help you succeed.

From today until February 15, you and I have a chance to speak together for 30 minutes by phone or Skype about your business.

The above video in this post explains.

What I ask you to do for us to speak one to one is very easy.

Watch the 3-1/2 minute video to hear the details.

What I can promise you is an honest assessment of how to fix whatever problem in your business you want to solve.

I know we can end the problem together so you thrive in 2016.

Let us share the love together for gift baskets this Valentine’s Day.

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How Do Gift Basket Designers Get It All Done in the Morning?

by Shirley George Frazier on February 3, 2016

Copyright Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.Designers, both men and women, mentioned in the video available to Gift Basket Channel subscribers, are just like you.

Here’s a sample of what they accomplish every morning.

  • Make/eat breakfast
  • Feed pets
  • Take children to school
  • Work at an on-the-payroll job
  • Commute by car, bus, or train to a job
  • Get a spouse or partner out to work with lunch, etc.
  • Check on senior parents or another family member

That’s not all, but you get it. Some of this was part of my schedule, and some still is.

There is so much chaos in the early hours and competition for your time that you can feel stressed, which is not what you want in the morning, but it can and does happen.

One big piece of the morning puzzle is to recognize how successful you are right now.

How many times have:

  • Your children not arrived at school on time?
  • You not arrived at work on schedule?
  • You missed checking on someone who needs a morning call?

Think – it doesn’t happen, or it rarely happens because of the consequences. It all gets done.

The same is true about the designers who’ve weighed in on this topic. One thing you may not be ready for is rising early, which these designers do, but their secrets of success go beyond that.

In this first official week of Gift Basket Channel, subscribers have access to a video where I share how successful designers get it all done in the morning even though there are lots of moving parts in the early hours. Join us, and get fortified now so you develop good habits during 2016.

What’s your secret to jump starting your morning?

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