Picture Taking – Where Do You Draw the Line?

do you take pictures of other people's gift basketsTaking this picture outside of a New York City-based gift basket and flower shop was no easy feat.

The shop is located on Broadway, and if you’ve never walked on that street, you can imagine how busy it is during rush hour (when the photo was snapped) or any other time, especially since it’s a few blocks north of Macy’s.

It’s almost impossible to take a street-level picture with people walking past the window every two seconds. Thankfully, there was a brief lull in traffic, and my camera was poised and waiting for that moment.

The photo was captured not for competitive reasons but to ask you the following question.

How many times have you seen a gift basket design inside a competitive store and wanted to take a picture to remember the technique?

The consensus on doing this is don’t. It’s considered as rude and simply not permitted on private property.

I remember reading, on a now-defunct message board, how one new designer was shocked that she was escorted out of a gift basket shop because of her in-store picture taking. She couldn’t understand why the owner didn’t let her take pictures “in the spirit of camaraderie.”

We’ve talked about taking pictures inside of other people’s shop at Ask The Gift Basket Expert, where you’ll find many insightful comments about this practice.

Even public photography can be viewed as dangerous. Although you’re outside on the street, the proprietor may still not be pleased with picture taking, as they don’t know if you’re friend or foe.

What’s been your experience with someone taking pictures of your gift baskets?