How Important is Tissue Paper?

do you add tissue paper to gift basketsThere was a time when tissue paper played a vital role in gift basket designing.

Here’s how designers once added it in their baskets.

  • Folded around floral foam when this gritty brick was added within the basket (if you’re not familiar with this technique, you are very new to gift basket making!).
  • Enveloped around products within the basket to create gifts within the gift.
  • Added between products and shred as part of the enhancements.
  • Included as part of the top fan, a stunning technique perfected by Atlanta designer, Nancy Adkins.
  • It seems that tissue paper isn’t a big part of today’s designs. Still a favorite to line the inside of tote bag gifts, it’s no longer a featured technique, adding color and softness inside and around a completed basket.

    How is tissue paper added to your designs, or is it a product that you’ve abandoned?