The Profitable Side of Gift Basket Donations

gift basket donationsI’ve talked in the past about donations and how organizations will ask you to create gift baskets free of charge for their events.

There’s another, positive side of this coin.

Remind your customers that you create gift baskets for charitable events that are requested as part of an auction.

They have already purchased gift baskets from you for other occasions; why not for charity?

A good friend asked me to make a gift basket for her participation in a charitable function, which she promptly paid for through her PayPal account.

A photo of the basket is shown in this post.

When I delivered it to the organizer’s home, she (the organizer) informed me about other opportunities to pair with them and other organizations.

So, options are vast when making charity baskets for paying clients. Let customers know that this service is available which may lead to revenue from another stream that was once overlooked.