Why You May Be Overthinking the Corporate Sales Process

It takes five steps to solve the “I want more corporate accounts” dilemma.

1. Make a list of corporate accounts you want whether or not you have a way to get them.

2. Find contacts in your circle of friends and family with access to a decision maker (someone works there, knows someone who works there, a connection’s child goes to your child’s school, etc.).

3. Get that corporate person’s name and telephone number.

4. Decide how to approach the person, starting with a 30-second introduction of who you are and how your company makes their job easier, increases the firm’s income, etc.

5. Call to make an appointment with the corporate person, and deliver your marketing approach.

These steps may be lengthened or shortened depending on the information you have now, but this is the basic blueprint for increasing your corporate accounts.

Last year I shared more ideas in the article, Four Ways to Woo Corporate Clients, which will help to boost your confidence as you move forward.

Instead of driving by the corporate office that you want to call a client, start with No. 1 above and set a one-month deadline for the No. 5 goal. Step up your game now to achieve the ultimate dream of running a successful gift basket business.