Why Mistakes are Necessary to Build a Profitable Gift Basket Business

Did you quote a customer the price of a gift basket and found out later that you undercharged yourself?

How did you feel when realizing your mistake?

  • I wanted to kick myself.
  • I cried myself to sleep.
  • I was very, very angry.

It stings when you make errors. But know this: making mistakes is a trait of every great entrepreneur.

Mistakes indicate that you are diligently working on your business. Mistakes help you to uncover problems that are best solved now rather than later as you compound the errors.

Mistakes are what we address in the Golden Basket Club, and with it comes clarity, solutions, and better, more profitable businesses.

It is so gratifying to both the designer who’s made the decision to discuss their business with me each month and for me to uncover the mistake, before or after it happens, and get very clear on how to make smart adjustments so the next actions will benefit both the designer and her clients.

Which mistakes have you made in the past that you have remedied so that you are confident about the outcome the next time?