How to Choose Charities to Receive Your Gift Baskets

Designers are often asked to donate gift baskets for raffles, auctions, and other charity-based functions.

I’m often asked two questions about charity donations. Let me share both with you as well as my responses.

    Q: How do I pick events with the best-possible chance of exposure for future revenue?

    A: Donate to the events that are closest to your heart, the events that align themselves with the causes in which you believe. This allows you to contact like-minded people with the highest potential to place orders after the event.

    Q: How do I gracefully decline donation requests?

    A: Set a limit on how much you will donate each month. When you reach that limit, tell the requesting charity, “We’ve reached our monthly donation limit.” It’s that simple.

The items that go into charity baskets depend on the event, and you can also base your selection on items you consider to be leftovers.

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