Why Satisfaction is Part of Every Successful Gift Basket Business

Gift Basket Business. Copyright Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.My uncle, who passed away many years ago, would promise to take me places he visited.

These weren’t exotic locales in countries outside of the U.S. or even locations outside of the state in which we both lived. We were to visit flea markets and similar low-key places.

I followed up on my end by calling him on the day we were supposed to travel, and he’d say, “Not today, baby.”

That was fine. In fact, I expected to hear that same phrase every time, and he didn’t disappoint me by saying something different. Thankfully, I never felt as if I wasn’t important or developed low self esteem from it. However, I did recognize the need to keep commitments with others or not agree to it the first time.

Completing what you promise is what gift basket clients expect. Most clients are not looking for the sun, moon, and stars to show up on their doorstep. They simply want what you say you deliver.

  • Be respectful of their time
  • Design what they see on your website
  • Include colors they request
  • Get the basket to point B on time
  • Follow up to ensure satisfaction

Does any of that seem difficult? Of course not.

Deliver what you promise, or deliver better than expected results. That’s what will keep your phone ringing and also keep excuses at a minimum.