How to Reduce Anxiety When Selling Gift Baskets

Gift Basket Business. Copyright Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.Recess was part of everyday afternoon activities when I was in fifth grade.

It was fun playing with school friends until the boys announced that they were about to come across the monkey bars.

There I was, hanging in the middle of the structure, and afraid that I’d be trampled in mid air.

The fear caused me to lose my grip and fall to the ground. I didn’t realize that the fall caused a sprained ankle, so when I attempted to walk, the feeling in my right leg was immediate pain.

I was embarrassed to let anyone know what happened. However, when I was unable to walk into the school after recess, teachers recognized the problem and escorted me to the nurse’s office where I awaited my mother to take me home.

That sprain took two weeks to heal, and when I began testing that ankle and its support as I walked, the feeling was again painful until healing was complete.

When a sales opportunity presents itself, I often think about this first fearful experience.

  • What are other options if the client doesn’t like this offer?
  • How will I balance good value with making a profit?

In-person presentations once created anxiety for me, and now I can answer these and other questions quickly, close and sale, and open new opportunities for expanded relationships with clients and referrals.

Designers who are part of the Gift Basket VIP programs are able to accomplish the same, and the results are as superb as their revenue.

How do you decrease fear when selling gift baskets, or are you failing when under pressure?