Treat Your Gift Basket Time with Respect

Copyright Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.I’ve talked in the past about how organizing your workspace increases your success.

Here are three things I consistently do well now that my office is better managed:

  • It’s easy to find orders. No more searching my desk for pieces of paper with names and credit card numbers. How much time do you waste on that?
  • It’s easy to file past orders. When orders are complete, weekly sales are gathered and each client’s information is added to the database management program.
  • It’s easy to determine my stock. Monthly inventory reviews ensure that there is enough of everything to design last-minute and forthcoming orders.

Time management is a central part of the VIP Programs that many designers understand much better as we manage and grow their businesses together, step by step. I am so proud of where they are now versus where they began, and their sales show huge results.

Time is very precious so, like the designers in my programs, start treating it with respect, or see the VIP Program page for more information to get your business on track.