Why Your Gift Basket Business May Not Be Profitable

Copyright Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.Not everything about your gift basket-making style will stay the same.

That’s the good news.

My first gift basket designs were terrible, but that didn’t stop me from continuing to learn, experiment and finally create beautiful collections.

You might begin making your designs by placing everything haphazardly in a basket.

  • It’s not arranged quite right.
  • An item or two keeps falling out.
  • The cellophane isn’t smooth on all sides.

This is perfectly fine when you start. The main focus is that you recognize what you wish to change about your gift baskets and make those changes over time.

After 25 years I still cringe when I see my first creations, but that’s okay because I also laugh and celebrate the fact that I got better.

Because of my persistence, more people began buying from me. I sold gift baskets to many corporations, entertainers, and politicians. My designs were featured on television and in magazines. The same can be true for you. In fact, your triumphs can be bigger than mine.

I’ve seen so many designers get better with their talent through my VIP programs. For example, I meet a designer in her studio and review each of her gift baskets. We look at the food and gift inventory together and find new suppliers and better products. Then, we work on making small changes to each gift basket, and boy, what a transformation. Good-looking gift baskets become stunning masterpieces.

We also focus on marketing, and the gift baskets sell much quicker than before. If you want similar results in your business, perhaps the VIP program will help you as well.

I never gave up because my gift baskets weren’t attractive. I knew I had to get better, so I concentrated on creating beautiful designs so my business thrived. You can do the same, and if you need a hand, let me know how I can help.