Questions to Ask Before You Donate Gift Baskets

Copyright Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.The end-of-year holidays is the time when you will receive the biggest percentage of gift basket donation requests.

Suddenly, every organization, school, and group wants your gift baskets as fundraisers and for other notable events making your business the “popular kid on the block.”

You may ask yourself, “How did they find me?” You have the right to ask the person in charge this question. However, there are other questions that are more important to ask yourself before donating to any cause.

  • How will this donation promote my business?
  • Is this group in or outside of my local area?
  • Who is on the board of directors?

There are lots more, even more-important questions to ask requesting groups. These questions are delivered in an organized manner I address fully in the online gift basket class.

It’s okay for your questions to be self centered. Donating gift baskets isn’t just about helping others; it’s also about helping your business.

If you give blindly, you’ll find yourself working for charities, and soon you’ll be out of business. That’s not good for anyone, especially you.