Why No One Will Tell You Where They Buy Gift Basket Products

Copyright Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.The phone rings, and a woman answers.

“The Gift Shop. How can I help you?”

“Hello, I saw a picture frame in your store and want to know where you get that product.”

“You mean you want to know where I buy merchandise for my store?”

“Yes. I want to buy it, too.”

“Sorry, I won’t give you that information.”

I was part of a similar conversation many years ago when first starting my gift basket business.

A gift shop in New York was selling beautiful pyramid-shaped chocolates which I thought would be great additions to my holiday gift baskets.

When I returned to my office, I called the shop’s owner (I took her business card while in the shop) to ask about her source. I had a feeling that she might not tell me, but I had to try.

I’ll always remember her response: “I won’t tell you because that will cut me out.”

The definition of “cut me out” means that if she tells me where to buy the product, she’ll get no commission, no payment whatsoever for the referral.

She was right.

This shop owner would have given me information to put money into someone else’s hands, and she would not have made a dime from the connection.

While you may think that sharing this information would be nice (and it is), it’s also not a fair exchange.

  • The business owner doesn’t know me.
  • We have no connection.
  • Why would she give me such information?

If you really want to know where to buy products in an orderly fashion that will satisfy your customers and deliver a healthy profit to you, a class or other type of mentorship program from a person who coaches gift basket designers on a consistent basis is the quickest way to attain success in this industry.

  • You can go through trial and error.
  • You can get hodgepodge details online.
  • You can buy retail and make little, if any, money.

Why not cut through all of that and go right to the source? The online gift basket class or a VIP mentorship program uncovers everything you need to know to get products that you can’t find and don’t know exist, products that differentiate your gift baskets from other sellers, putting you at the top of the list to call when customers are searching for dazzling designs that aren’t available anywhere else, except through you.

Remember the conversations I mention above when you see items in other people’s gift baskets that you want but can’t find. The designer will not tell you where it’s from. Why should she? However, you have access to someone, through a class or mentorship program, who’ll tell you who makes it, how to contact them, and even more important, if it’s a product worth buying for your beautiful designs.