One Customer Service Failure that Decreases Your Gift Basket Orders

Copyright Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.“Hello. I’m calling to cancel my appointment.”

“When is the appointment for?”

“Thursday at 2 o’clock.”

“Okay, I’ll cancel it. Goodbye.”

That was a conversation I had yesterday with a representative at a dental office.

Like many people, I have my teeth cleaned and checked every six months. My new dental plan begins on December 1, so I called the office to postpone my cleaning. When I get my new insurance card I’ll know, for sure, that I can make an appointment that won’t be cancelled since coverage will be in effect.

Still, the representative didn’t ask the magic question:

“Would you like to reschedule now?”

Do you let customers slip through your fingers in the same way?

Customer service is part of marketing, so if you are not addressing your clients when they cancel orders or have other concerns that stop the order process, your sales will end, and so will your business.

This focus is a huge part of the VIP programs that gift basket designers like you learn in detail. When the phone rings, designers and their staff know how to address callers so when the call is done, the sale is captured.

There are other areas of sales that are also completed, too many areas to mention here. I’ll just say that total and complete customer service is wrapped in a bow.

What is the one problem that you’re not addressing that causes a disruption in your sales?