Why Buying Retail for Gift Baskets is Sometimes Better than Wholesale

Copyright Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.You want to purchase gift basket products at the best possible price because, in business, high profits are the goal.

Buying from wholesalers is the better choice.


They have the:

  • Quantity you want
  • Freshness guarantee for edibles
  • Opportunity to build a good relationship so you get great deals

There are, however, times when products available at retail stores cause you to consider buying at that location.

Some designers buy from this source, and they are not embarrassed one bit. In fact, their sales show that their decision was wise.

When you see products at a retailer that are on clearance or are simply a good buy, it’s hard to turn down the deal.

This is a heavily-discussed topic in the online gift basket business class and also during one-to-one discussions with successful designers in my VIP programs.

Which type of buying do you find yourself doing most often?