How to Create the Illusion of a Big Gift Basket Business

Copyright Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.Mae and Pepi, my twin Yorkshire terriers, bark ferociously when workmen come to the office to complete repairs.

They sound like vicious, 100 lb. dogs.

I try to hide them, but it’s impossible. Mae and Pepi want to see who’s there in case visitors don’t hear the barking.

Once a workman sees the size of my four-legged children, I can see surprise in his eyes and a smile on his lips. No one can believe how much noise is made by my 7 lb. and 10 lb. security staff. One person even said, “They’re better than Rottweilers.”

You may be the only person who works in your business, but no one except you needs to know this because you can give everyone the illusion of a large corporation making hundreds of gift baskets every day.

Your business’s image and outward appearance are in your hands.

It’s okay if people know that you work alone. However, that information may not be wise in terms of security and being chosen for a large order or corporate account.

What’s also important when creating your image is staying within certain boundaries.

Years ago a man I was speaking with by phone went overboard. While we spoke, he conducted a side conversation with someone seemingly in his office.

“Oh, it’s Oprah on the phone? Tell her to hold.”

Oprah? Really? I almost laughed out loud.

I never called him back because even though Oprah could have been on another line, you would never keep talking to me while telling her to hold. He was a fraud, and who wants to do business with someone who cannot be trusted?

Trust and other ethics are discussed at length with clients in my VIP programs.

You can create a big business look for those who don’t need to know your company size. Watch what you say, and watch your manners. Always exude professionalism, and go after business as ferociously as Mae and Pepi’s bark.