How to Create a Profitable Gift Basket Website

ed2goThere’s very good news today about making your own website to showcase and sell gift baskets.

1. It doesn’t cost as much as it once did.

In 1997, my website cost $99 a month. Today, my cost is an average $125 a year. If you diligently market your gift baskets, sales will cover the yearly website cost in one month.

2. The learning curve is less steep, especially if you create your site using WordPress.

WordPress isn’t the only program available for website creation, but its general ease and all the bells and whistles you can attach to it (including a free ecommerce shopping cart), make it worth investigating.

3. Online courses on how to create a site are plentiful.

The only concern with courses is that you must carefully read the description and student feedback. You want a course that delivers results and allows you to review the course material 24/7 as well as have access to an instructor who responds fully and completely to your questions.

Not all courses deliver on that promise, especially the ones that are free of charge. Remember, you often get what you pay for when there’s no cost.

A course on Creating WordPress Web Sites is offered by the same company that delivers my Starting Your Own Gift Basket Business class. If you’ve taken my class, you know how detailed the lessons are structured and how quickly and completely I reply when you have a question.

It is because of my own vigorous training in course creation that I can recommend the Creating WordPress Web Sites class.

So many of you are disconnected from website sales. You’ve tried making a site on your own through free web programs, or the person who created your site suddenly disappears, or the cost for your once-low-cost site is now more than you want to pay.

Customers are asking if you have a website. You hesitate to answer because you can’t tell the customer about the problems you’re facing. That must stop.

Learning how to create your own site is the option if there are no other options. Web designers can cost a lot of money, much more than you want to pay. They have expertise, but their charge may not fit your budget.

The website class will show you a step-by-step process for making your own site, and the instructor will have suggestions for customizing your online space. Students who are in class with you will also ask questions that benefit you.

I had to learn WordPress on my own. I had to set aside time to figure out the details. I didn’t know the difference between a post and a page. It was frustrating. This is the class I wish was around when I started. The learning curve would have decreased from a mountain to an ant hill.

I’m not suggesting that everything about websites will magically be known. That’s not possible since website technology continues to evolve. What I am encouraging you to do is consider this education. Think about where you are now with a website and where you want to be before year’s end.

By investing in six weeks of education, this course will help you control your business’s online presence. I believe it will be an investment worth your time.

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate. When you complete the class, I’ll happily act as your secondary teacher when you have questions about WordPress and other parts of this dynamic site creation program.