Five More Gifts to Offer with Gift Baskets

Five More Gifts to Offer with Gift Baskets, Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.If you walk into a fruit store or floral shop, you’ll see various arrangements of similar merchandise offered to customers.

The variety is available because these owners and managers recognize the need for different types of gifts.

The same structure is vital for you so your holiday sales exceed last year’s.

Not every customer will want a gift wrapped in a basket. The basket-based gift may be beyond her budget because she will order 10, 50, or more than 100 gifts to thank all of her clients.

There are other reasons for wrapping your foods and gifts in containers and unique configurations. The biggest reason is easily to understand – you can!

You have the selection, variety, and ingenuity to be the all-occasion gift solution specialist your clients need all year long.

Here are five options that you can easily offer online, in person, and in your catalog.

  • Tote bag gifts
  • Gifts in trays
  • Mug-based gifts
  • Gifts in tea cups and saucers
  • Two or three items wrapped in cellophane

I’ve made all of the above with superior results. The bottom line is that you must know what pleases your customers. If you’re just starting your gift basket business, this knowledge will take time. However, it’s important to recall the reason you entered this industry and how that reason translates into customer satisfaction.

Many of the coaching calls I have with new gift basket designers focuses on knowing what customers want so the best inventory buying choices are made at the very beginning. If you’re not sure about what you’ll buy, perhaps a 15-minute or longer call with me will help you, too.

What types of gifts have you created for your customers that did not include a basket?