How to Refresh Your Gift Basket Designs

How to Refresh Your Gift Basket Designs, by Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.Anyone remember Caribbean Cookie Company?

How about Can Creations?

Who recalls Apex Gift Foods?

The last supplier is still online as a different company, but the other two closed their doors years ago.

Casualties occur in the gift basket business. A supplier is here one day and might be gone the next, and it’s not always due to poor sales.

Owners have other interest, and sometimes they pass away with no one in their families wanting to continue the business. It’s a fact of life.

When suppliers close, you start to scramble and wonder how to continue selling certain gift baskets that include merchandise from those firms.

I know of several designers who decided to stop offering fast-selling gift baskets because suppliers’ merchandise was no longer available.

What a shame.

If I have a gift basket that sells well, I am not getting rid of that design. Here’s what I do.

1. Find new products.

2. Order the products to create updated designs.

3. Announce the change to my customers.

There are three more big steps to this change, which I’ll explain to you in detail when I solve this and other problems you’re experiencing, that not only get customers talking and buying but also get them to automatically refer the gift basket to others, including their supervisors, organizations, and customers.

Suppliers close, but everyone else in the gift basket chain wins when you think out of the basket.