Tips to Operate a Better Gift Basket Business

Tips to Operate a Better Gift Basket Business, by Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.If you started your gift basket business today, what would you do better or faster?

Where would you put more effort or invest more money?

Who would create your website and marketing materials?

You can look back in hindsight and realize the faults and missteps. However, you would not be better off now without experiencing those dilemmas. That’s how I see my business, too.

  • I wasted cash at the beginning buying products that customers did not want.
  • Starting in a store rather than in my home could have provided more space and exposure.
  • Setting and sticking to a terms and conditions policy would have kept some buyers from taking advantage of me.

While I’m not pleased thinking back about those three weak areas, I am proud about:

  • Appearing on many popular television stations and selling lots of gift baskets from the promotion.
  • Advertising on radio and receiving immediate attention and sales from buyers and the station’s ad managers.
  • Not giving up on my business dreams during the transition between full time and temporary employment.

I share another wise tip (I’m #29) on starting a business today on the blog along with 34 other savvy female entrepreneurs. Don’t skip this article if you’re a man who makes and sells gift baskets. You’ll appreciate these tips as well.