Three Ways Drop Shipping Complements Gift Baskets

Three Ways Drop Shipping Complements Gift Baskets, Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.What’s the first thing you look at when learning about gift basket drop shipping?

The price, right?

A savvy designer places the price at the bottom of her concerns.

What customers request and how a drop shipper can provide those add-ons is first in consideration.

1. You research customers’ needs for brownies, flowers, and cookies on a weekly basis, products you don’t keep in stock due to its quick expiration.

2. You determine which drop shippers provide a wide range of products, including gift basket themes, that you are unable to make and store.

3. You weigh how much you make through this inventory expansion against the fee you pay annually to sell products you cannot keep on hand.

If you are considering working with a drop shipper or have considered a relationship in the past and allowed price to be a barrier, I encourage you to look at this opportunity as the New Year arrives.

The key to this decision is knowing what your customers buy every week from other vendors and realize that if you become their one-stop shop, they will buy it all from you.

The math to calculate this opportunity can be tricky, and a quick mentoring call with me will help you to decide, once and for all, if drop shipping is in your budget, your best interest, and your future.

That pesky drop shipping fee will likely pale in comparison to the revenue you receive.