How to Profit from Charitable Requests

How to Profit from Charitable Requests, by Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.Lots of gift baskets are being made right now for holiday auctions.

Are your gifts and baskets part of one or more of the celebrations?

Here’s a short list of where auctions are scheduled.

  • Libraries
  • Hospitals
  • Women’s clubs
  • Town festivals
  • General organizations

We’ve talked in the past about donations and charitable events. In most cases, auction gift baskets are requested as free-of-charge donations.

But hold on.

Every one of the groups mentioned above have budgets, and those budgets include monies for auction items. You will be asked to donate freely; however, you can also respond stating what type of fee you wish to receive in compensation, and there are at least a dozen options for monetary or compensatory payment.

Not sure how to proceed when contacted by a charity but want to be part of the festivities? Book a 15-minute or longer call with me, and I’ll not only spill the beans on how to capitalize from a charitable event, I’ll also help you get more requests so you can maximize your exposure.

It’s time to become very charitable. Don’t you agree?