How to Move Past Gift Basket Clutter

How to Move Past Gift Basket Clutter, by Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.You can make gift baskets in chaos, or you can make them in an organized studio that gets chaotic during busy times and then goes back to being organized.

Which is your choice?

I’ve walked into workspaces that are horribly jumbled, and that mess translates into low to no sales.

  • Products are still packed in boxes.
  • Ribbon is buried under more ribbon.
  • Orders are written on scrap paper.

How can anyone work in such a mess?

If this description mirrors your workspace, it’s up to you to make a change for the better, and make it now before next year arrives.

There will be times when the space gets messy again, and that’s fine because things tend to get out of sorts when you’re busily completing orders. The problem is when you allow the disorder to be your workspace’s normal appearance.

I know what chaos looks like, and it’s not pretty. It leads to lost revenue because you cannot find tools, supplies, and products.

You’re a business owner. Commit to making your gift basket business thrive in the New Year, and start by making your workspace an efficient space.

If you’re space is always orderly because you have few sales, that’s a situation that we can solve together when you schedule an appointment with me. Let’s get that part of your business organized!