About Us

In 1990 I entered the gift basket industry with visions of creating a wonderful gift-giving experience to clients worldwide.

Today, that vision focuses on helping you to create that same experience for your customers, and that’s why this space was born.

I’m Shirley George Frazier, founder and president of Sweet Survival, the parent company of the GiftBasketBusiness.com Web site, blog, and family of sites.

I’ve created gift baskets for everyone from individuals to entertainers and heads of state, promoted my business on The Food Network and CNBC, and worked with small confectionery shops to Macy’s to launch special promotions and gift basket sections within their stores.

In 1997 my first book, How to Start a Home-Based Gift Basket Business was published. It’s now in its fourth edition and called the “bible” of the industry by many. The Gift Basket Design Book, currently in its second edition, followed in 2004.

There have been plenty of mistakes along with those triumphs. I recall buying lots of merchandise that I eventually threw away due to bad decision making and balloons that popped in clients’ faces during deliveries. Looking back, these were good experiences that taught me how to do business better and smarter, and that’s what I share with you here.

I’m pleased you’re here and encourage you to subscribe to this blog through Feedburner or another reader shown on the main page to receive updates by Email so you’re able to learn, grow, and profit quicker than I did in the early stages.

I appreciate you considering this space as a silent partner in your success.

Shirley George Frazier

P.S.: I speak about the gift basket industry, easy Web site creation and maintenance, and solo business/marketing topics at trade shows, conferences, and events worldwide. If you’re searching for a dynamic speaker to create a great experience for attendees, contact me through the form on this page. At the end, everyone will thank you for the presentation.

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