10 Surefire Ways to Cash In on Administrative Professionals Week, Digital Download


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Shirley George Frazier is Flora Brown’s guest for this lively discussion on how to increase your sales in April to bosses looking for gorgeous gifts and baskets for clerks, secretaries, assistants, and anyone classified as support staff.

In 62 minutes, you’ll hear real-life stories, ideas and solutions to increase sales and move inventory, including:

  • What makes this occasion popular for gift basket giving
  • The types of containers to select, outside of baskets, for these gifts
  • The complete sales process, from introductions to new order referrals
  • Which basket themes sell very quickly
  • How many designs to show at a presentation
  • What price ranges to show to clients online and in person
  • Who are the best contacts for corporate sales
  • What type of inventory works for this occasion
  • Which events may not get you any sales
  • Horror stories (you’ll laugh and learn!) and solutions when making deliveries
  • The four methods that are most popular to connect with corporate clients
  • How to get sales for occasions after Administrative Professionals Week
  • And much, much more to sell for this occasion and many others throughout the year

If you want to start selling more to the corporate market, this CD is for you.

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