How to Find Products In and Around Your State


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Tired of searching high and low in your state to find gift basket products only to find little or nothing?

How to Find Products In and Around Your State uncovers the secrets of where to look and how to locate products just waiting to be found!

Gift basket industry experts, Shirley George Frazier and Flora Morris Brown, Ph.D., team up on this 50-minute CD to reveal quick and easy ways to find gift, gourmet, and supply items in your backyard. You’ll save tons of time and money using their simple techniques in your town, around your state, and on the Web.

Shirley and Flora uncover:

  • Events in your region that let you see and taste products as well as talk face to face with manufacturers
  • Why local truck stops tell you where to go for state sources
  • How a well-known resource book puts green in your pocket
  • The one book that places a wealth of sources at your fingertips
  • Dozens more proven tips that let you find gift basket items to increase sales faster than ever

When you know where to look for in-state products and find them quickly, just think of how many more gift baskets you’ll sell to corporations, convention managers, hotels, and other corporate buyers.

Order How to Find Products In and Around Your State today, and bring your search for wholesale baskets, foods, gifts, and supplies to a successful end.

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