How to Start a Home-Based Gift Basket Business, 5th ed.


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Have you dreamed of starting your own gift basket business? Have you been hesitant to put your plans into action? This comprehensive book, No. 1 in the world and considered the “industry bible,” containers all the necessary tools and success strategies you need to launch and grow your own business.

Shirley George Frazier shares her experience and down-to-earth advice on every aspect of setting up and running a thriving business. She shows you how to develop a business plan, estimate start-up costs, select inventory, price services, and stay profitable.

From painless record keeping to helpful hints on designs and savvy marketing techniques, her step-=by-step methods are realistic, innovative and easy to understand.

Whether you want to earn your living making gift baskets for the general public or specializing in custom creations for corporate clients, this guide will put you on the path to building your own home-based business.

Author: Shirley George Frazier
12 chapters, 296 pages
ISBN: 978-0-7627-5954-5
Published 2010

Chapter 1: Who Buys Gift Baskets?
Chapter 2: What it Takes to Succeed
Chapter 3: Home Office and Workspace Setup and Structure
Chapter 4: Selecting Your Inventory
Chapter 5: Gift Basket Design Tips and Techniques
Chapter 6: The Lucrative Corporate Market
Chapter 7: Advertising and Promotion
Chapter 8: Delivery Methods
Chapter 9: Checks, Balances, and Payments
Chapter 10: Competition
Chapter 11: Keeping Customers for Life
Chapter 12: Growth Opportunities
Plus charts, forms, and checklists