Low-Cost Secrets for Landing Corporate Accounts, Digital Download


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Corporate sales are the backbone of your business, and if you’re looking to increase sales from these mega-buyers, this popular 60-minute CD, in digital download form, is for you.

Hear gift basket expert, Flora Morris Brown, and her guest, Sharron Senter, marketing expert, share easy strategies to use now to get corporate sales every day and every holiday. You’ll learn:

  • Which services corporations want most and how to affordably offer them
  • How to find industries in your area that buy frequently buy
  • Which corporate departments buy most often
  • The No. 1 way to effectively advertise your baskets on the Web
  • Which corporate customers are ready to do business and the best times for contact
  • How to show a first meeting sample basket that doesn’t resemble a bribe
  • How to legally add wines to your baskets when you don’t have a license
  • How to keep business ties with a company when your contact leaves
  • How to use the Internet to find corporate prospects in your area
  • The No. 1 mistake you can make when approaching corporate prospects
  • There’s much more on this one-hour audio CD, including audience questions that uncover added secrets

For more than 13 years, Sharron Senter has worked with top companies to market their products. She reveals what works and how to build the corporate side of your gift basket business.

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