Marketing Plan Review


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How do you find prospects? What methods have you put in place to consistently get sales? Which promotional tools are part of your marketing arsenal?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, then your marketing plan desperately needs help now.

Your perfect marketing plan makes finding prospects and turning them into customers and referral sources a smooth and easy process. It’s checked on a regular basis and determines the pace of your growth and sales.

Ready to create a marketing plan for the first time or revitalize the one you currently follow? Schedule a Marketing Plan Review today, and let Shirley George Frazier show you how easy it is to turn your business into a productive and profitable enterprise.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • An overview of your current strategy based on your industry and market changes.
  • Info about ready-to-buy categories you are neglecting and how to reach them.
  • Sample introductions, online and offline, to capture prospects’ attention.
  • A Web site home page or print materials’ review to ensure you’re speaking the “buyer’s language.”
  • Suggestions for offers, incentives, and buzzwords that get your foot in their door without busting your budget.
  • A new or completely-revised one page plan to start or renew your marketing tomorrow.

If you’re offering apples and don’t realize that your customers want oranges, this Marketing Plan Review is a must to schedule today.

Don’t wait until your doors are about to close to ask for help. The earlier we work together to find solutions, the faster your profits will grow. Order your Marketing Plan Review today.