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Disorganization is a drain on time and money. You know that, but it’s still not easy to get organized on your own.

If you’re ready to stop the sabotage and start turning time into money, this audio CD is for you.

Shirley George Frazier interviews professional organizer, Fern Silvernagel, who reveals secrets that turn your chaos into productive order. Learn:

Why flat trays are not your friend
How to get that catchall middle desk drawer in order for good
Which filing systems keep your money-making projects in reach
What to do with invoices to end finance charges and late fees
Why taking notes on scrap pieces of paper while on the phone isn’t a bad idea
How to organize your computer to find every file
Why reorganizing your workspace does not start with buying furniture

Fern’s 20+ years of expertise organizing everything from home offices to television production studios will motivate you to reorganize your workspace to make way for the money you deserve. Invest 25 minutes and $37 for the keys to set up your personal profit zone.

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