The Gift Basket Design Book, 2nd ed.


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Whether you want to start a small business or make gift baskets for fun, The Gift Basket Design Book reveals everything you need to know to transform your ideas into beautiful creations.

This book is the No. 2 most-popular book in the world for aspiring gift basket makers and designers.

Shirley George Frazier, a successful gift basket entrepreneur, shares basket-building and design techniques that yield expert results. Her easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions and photos show you exactly how to craft delightful gift baskets for all occasions, from holidays to life’s milestones to those everyday pick-me-ups.

Lots of color photos; advice about supplies, gifts, and prepackaged foods; and a special chapter showcasing four professional designers and their most-successful gift basket designs.

Author: Shirley George Frazier
13 chapters, 180 pages
ISBN: 978-0-7627-4436-7
Published 2008

Introduction: Why I Began Making Gift Baskets
Chapter 1: Humble Beginnings, Fabulous Future: Creating a Work of Art for Every Occasion
Chapter 2: Basic Supplies: Everything You Need to Design Beautiful Baskets
Chapter 3: Preparing the Inner Basket: Two Simple Ways to Fill Your Container
Chapter 4: Basic Building Techniques: Proper Placement of Snacks and Gifts
Chapter 5: Finishing Touches: Choosing Enhancements That Bring Your Design Together
Chapter 6: Closing the Basket: Proper Wrapping for a Professional Look
Chapter 7: Popular Occasions: Making Memorable Everyday Baskets
Chapter 8: Special Themes: Expressive Designs for Good and Sad Times
Chapter 9: Celebrating Holidays: Sharing Love, Laughter, and Tradition
Chapter 10: Think Out of the Basket: Alternative Containers Challenge Your Creativity
Chapter 11: More Out-of-the-Basket Designs: Totes, Trunks, Towers, and More
Chapter 12: Quick Fixes: Don’t Get Mad, Get Creative!
Chapter 13: Designers and Their Gift Baskets: Regional Pros Share Their Inspirations
Completed Basket Designs
Appendix: Resource List
About the Author