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Here are 10 smart tips to keep your business on track.

1. Decide whether the art of designing gift baskets is a full-fledged business or part-time hobby.

Successful designers take all necessary steps to start and build their businesses, including registering with state officials, creating a workspace to be used solely for business purposes, and abiding by all laws associated with business ownership.

2. Learn correct design basics through hands-on classes or video training.

Successful designers invest in learning aids and then enhance the basics with personal touches to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

3. Create a functional workspace that inspires creativity.

Successful designers do not work in their home kitchens. They rent facilities outside of their homes or designate space within the home for designing and administration.

4. Work closely with an accountant.

Successful designers discuss business setup, financial records, and investment strategies with a professionally-trained advisor who works with other business owners on a daily basis.

5. Attend gift trade shows or enroll in an online gift basket class.

Successful designers use such functions to stay up to date on industry trends and design techniques. Networking with peers is another important show activity. You’ll find an online classe at

6. Buy inventory according to what customers want.

The more you know about your customers, the better decisions you will make regarding the product to include within each design.

7. Understand your customers’ lifestyles, limitations, and preferences to anticipate their gift needs.

By becoming a partner in their lives rather than being viewed as just a gift basket designer, you will experience far more repeat orders and referrals from regular customers.

8. Invest in a toll-free number to make your business the one gift buyers call.

Toll-free numbers are very inexpensive to install as a way to generate more inquiries and sales. It also allows you or a designated person to answer calls more often and wherever you travel.

9. Be thankful for mistakes.

Successful designers know that errors will occur in the course of building a business. They also understand that missteps help to uncover solutions.

10. Don’t expect quick riches. It will come in time.

Successful designers know that it takes long-term capital, patience, and persistence to reap rewards.

You are a successful designer in the making!

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