Shirley George Frazier teaching gift baskets in Washington, DC

Gift basket classes are available worldwide. However, a class may not be in your town or region, so you must be ready and willing to travel to a place where a knowledgeable person is sharing everything they know about this creative industry.

Here’s where to look to find a gift basket class in your area:

  • Adult schools
  • Learning centers
  • Community colleges
  • Gift trade shows (open to designers who have a business license issued by their state or country)
  • Online where Shirley George Frazier teaches a 12-lesson course, and the first lesson is free! Visit for details.
  • Type the words “gift basket class” into your favorite search engine to find a course in your area, or sign up for Shirley’s online class where you’ll make a gift basket and have access to her to answer all of your questions.

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