VIP Program, Diamond

Diamond VIP Program

Here’s how we’ll work together for one year to get your business up and running or re-start an existing business.

  • Unlimited access to me 24/7 for one year
  • An entire business model and implementation strategy, including marketing online and offline, created step by step for your business
  • All-expense paid trip to the Fancy Food Show in New York City or San Francisco including a tour with me to find, taste, and select inventory
  • Four VIP days where I come to your location after you open for business to review the strategy, workspace, and entire system
  • Help to find space for your workshop and administrative areas and organization of both spaces
  • In-person assistance at your location to help you set up everything and determine your plan (currently U.S. only)
  • Business management support to run the business instead of having the business run you
  • In-depth review and complete list of your potential clients (individuals, corporations, regional groups, institutions, organizations)
  • Research on your area’s demographics to uncover every person and company so you have a buyers’ list
  • A personal inventory list of gift and food products and the best places to purchase all of it, including workspace supplies, based on your target market
  • A full day’s roll play as a successful designer from dawn to dusk
  • Help to hire and train an in-house employee or outsourced assistant to handle administrative tasks so you focus on money-making activities
  • Personalized scripts for selling to corporate clients
  • Escort you to local wholesale companies to see and select products
  • Escort you to local networking event to practice speaking with potential clients
  • Complete list of area competition
  • Hands-on instructional workshop including six designs, cellophane and shrink wrap application, and bowmaking techniques
  • Create marketing videos together to include on your YouTube channel, website, and social media pages
  • Photographs of your designs for catalog and online marketing and promotions
  • Free gift and food product samples sent to you by express mail during the program period
  • Customer roll playing with you by telephone or Skype
  • Special gifts selected just for you to celebrate completed goals
  • Image consulting so you never worry about your presentation appearance
  • Photographs for your business cards, website, and social media pages
  • Feature story about you on to elevate your notoriety
  • Full access to the library of resource materials including audio tips, design videos, marketing support, topical newsletters, and profit-based teleseminars
  • Full access to the library of CDs, DVDs, books, and teleseminars
  • Ongoing support

Note: Your investment in VIP Programs starts at $4,995.

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