Not sure how to start a gift basket business? Start by making the 10 most popular gift baskets people ask for every day.

Beginner’s luck

My start in the gift basket world was half good and half rocky. The good part was recognizing that baskets weren’t the only types of containers available. As mentioned in my books, I chose rocking chairs, umbrellas, and wagons to hold foods and gifts. Selecting themes was the rocky part. Traditional reasons for gift basket giving were not on my agenda, and guess what? When first deciding how to start a gift basket business, not making traditional themes is a big mistake.

People get ideas for buying gift baskets from annual occasions and special events that occur in the lives of family and friends. These occurrences are the foundation for starting a gift basket business or hobby. Why stray from a mold that’s built to put smiles on faces and make you money?

I don’t know what I was thinking by making a going to the dentist gift basket. No one wants to remember that! Thankfully, the products I bought for that gift transferred into other designs that became the foundation for big, steady sales. I’m lucky to have turned my business around before it failed, and this article encourages you to get on the right track before you buy lots of products you cannot sell.

Easy decision

“What type of gift baskets will I make?” is a question that’s easy to answer, and that answer is to allow traditional occasions to guide you. There will be plenty of time to create custom gift basket themes. What you need at the start are gift baskets for every day occasions. That’s what people want most. If you make what you like, you won’t sell anything, so focus on people, not you.

The most-popular reasons for giving gift baskets are known worldwide. Keep in mind that these are the every day occasions that people experience, not the general holidays which will be explored in a future article.

When you decide to make gift baskets, or when you realize that what you make isn’t selling quickly, make sure you have these 10 occasions available for buyers.

  • Birthday
  • New Baby
  • Thank You
  • Good Luck
  • Welcome
  • Relocation
  • Congratulations
  • New Home/Housewarming
  • Spa/Pamper
  • Bereavement

If you have these 10 occasions ready and available to make, you’ll have a steady flow of orders. Of course, you must market your gift baskets so prospects and customers visit your website or call you to order.

Some products will fit into more than one design, which is terrific so you don’t need to buy different items for each theme. A new baby gift will require specific products, but popcorn is appropriate in birthday, thank you, good luck, welcome, and other themes mentioned. Long-time designers have an eye for identifying products that are appropriate in numerous gifts. You’ll gain that knowledge in short time.

What people want most

You can be cute like me and come up with all types of themes such as making gift baskets for going to the doctor and riding to work on a bicycle. However, you’ll make money by starting with the tried-and-true reasons people buy gift baskets. Customization comes after that when your customers begin requesting designs outside of your main categories.

Here more about popular gift baskets in this Gift Basket Business podcast episode.

If you make gift baskets that are not part of the 10 most popular gift basket designs mentioned above, which types of gift baskets do customers request?