Your business plans may be chaotic right now.

You’re considering how to position your gift basket business for success in the coming 365 days. Before you plan forward, I urge you to think about this year, the one that’s coming to a close.

  • Did your plans exceed your expectations?
  • Where could you have done better?
  • How will this year’s results impact on next year’s plans?

No matter what you want to achieve in the coming year, remember that nothing exceptional will happen unless you plan for an exceptional outcome. You don’t have a crystal ball, but you do know that great achievements will not occur without ideas and actions to make it happen.

Focus today for clear outcomes tomorrow

I understand the mini confusion that may be going on in your mind, so allow me to help you set a course for success. Here are 10 steps to prepare for the coming year.

1. Check all inventory.
If you don’t know what’s selling, you won’t buy the products your clients want most.

2. Review your client list.
Keep this valuable group of people informed each month about what you create for them.

3. Restructure the studio.
Whatever is out of place needs to be organized now to save time and energy.

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4. Create a vision wall.
Keep inspirational photos and phrases arranged in one space to remind you of your goals.

5. Plan your vacations.
Working every day is great, but going away on occasion to refresh your energy is mandatory.

6. Refresh the website.
Pages need to be changed, and old designs are to be discarded before another day goes by.

7. Prepare for corporation connections.
Meeting new company prospects and renewing relationships is imperative.

8. Clean your office.
There is too much clutter on the desk, in drawers, or within cabinets. Get rid of that stuff!

9. Reduce the debt.
Review monthly and yearly invoices to determine which spending habits are no longer needed.

10. Show appreciation more often.
Let colleagues and customers know how important they are in and to your business.

Pick two, then two more

Take these 10 steps in stride, starting with the easiest ones to fulfill right away and then deciding which ones to include in your business as quickly as possible.

You are not alone in completing these tasks. I’m following this advice, too.

Happy New Year!

Shirley George Frazier
In the gift basket world, all roads lead to Shirley George Frazier, the industry's reigning expert and international authority. Shirley is chief basketologist at Sweet Survival LLC and author of the industry's best-selling books, How to Start a Home-Based Gift Basket Business, The Gift Basket Design Book, and Marketing Strategies for the Home-Based Business. Shirley works with manufacturers and retailers to successfully add gift baskets to their current revenue streams. Shirley is also a frequent speaker at events and instructor of the popular online course, Start Your Own Gift Basket Business. Contact Shirley to speak at your event or call 973-279-2799 to schedule a consultation.

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