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10 Ways Gift Baskets Make You Money

Whether I’m speaking at one of the many gift industry trade shows or with a coaching client, I’m asked the same question in different ways:

Who will buy my gift baskets?

I share a story in the book, How to Start a Home-Based Gift Basket Business, about how I thought everyone was a gift basket buyer. I soon learned the truth:

You must search for and find the people who are ready to buy your gift baskets.

In other words, everyone will not be your customer. There are certain individuals, as well as people who represent businesses and organizations, who buy. It’s up to you to find those people. No one can do it for you, and when you locate your perfect customers, that’s when you discover how gift baskets make you money.

Here’s a list of the 10 groups who buy gift baskets.

  • Individuals
  • Corporations
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Private practice professionals
  • Meeting planners
  • Retail stores
  • Sports teams
  • Fundraising groups
  • Trade show exhibitors

There are others, too, who buy depending on your geographic region. However, this top 10 list reveals the ones to consider as your strongest candidates.

Money making pros and cons

One group that’s not on the list are advertising executives, although they are linked with corporations. These executives were one of my first customers.

Getting them to buy was easy because of one reason – I advertised on the radio station they represented. It was a no-brainer to approach them to buy gift baskets from me. We had an ongoing relationship that put us face to face each month, and I pursued their business as they pursued mine.

The same situation can happen in your life even if you are not advertising on a television or radio network. You have relationships with other businesses, and those firms can become your gift basket customer if you pursue them the right way.

You can also cast a negative shadow on your business if you don’t prepare yourself to get their orders. I talk to designers like you about this during our coaching calls so you know how to approach each potential customer and don’t make fatal mistakes.

Which of the 10 groups listed above will you pursue to make money with gift baskets? Which of the 10 is the one you really want to be your customer and need help to get them?

Shirley George Frazier
In the gift basket world, all roads lead to Shirley George Frazier, the industry's reigning expert and international authority. Shirley is chief basketologist at Sweet Survival LLC and author of the industry's best-selling books, How to Start a Home-Based Gift Basket Business, The Gift Basket Design Book, and Marketing Strategies for the Home-Based Business. Shirley works with manufacturers and retailers to successfully add gift baskets to their current revenue streams. Shirley is also a frequent speaker at events and instructor of the popular online course, Start Your Own Gift Basket Business. Contact Shirley to speak at your event or call 973-279-2799 to schedule a consultation.

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