Where do you find new and cool items for gift basket making? These 7 helpful gift and gourmet publications introduce you to great products customers want.

Uncover the source

In building my gift basket business, I knew that information about the industry would be helpful for success. This is also important to you as another article on starting your business reveals.

My belief about having access to industry publications was confirmed while I worked at different companies. Executives received industry magazines by mail each month. Company libraries contained back issues of publications. The reception area’s coffee table displayed magazines about the industry and professionals at the top of their fields.

Libraries in the local area were my hangout during lunch and after work. I couldn’t get enough information about gifts, gourmet products, and industry supplies. Each publication led to the discovery of more magazines. I gathered every bit of intelligence possible before making my first gift basket.

Information at your fingertips

If you’re searching for details to make finding products and supplies easier, as well as learning about industry problems and solutions, you’ll find a list here of current publications available by mail or in digital form.

Some of these trade magazines have been around for decades while others are new or have changed their name to better reflect their mission. Some are free of charge while others require payment.

These publications occasionally include gift basket topics. In fact, one article was written by me for Gifts & Decorative Accessories. Still, other magazines have plenty to offer. There’s insight on products, and tips to build your business are readily available.

One cool thing about these magazines is that your business can be featured in any of them.

Inside information on obtaining that type of coverage is often requested by designers like you, which I happily reveal during a coaching session. Such promotion is important to expand your industry notoriety and expertise.

7 helpful gift and gourmet publications

Perform an online search to locate each publication’s website. Review the site to discover what each magazine covers. Then, if you’re interested in the contents, look for the subscribe link within the site’s menu to learn how to receive a copy.

  • Gift Shop Magazine
  • Gifts & Decorative Accessories
  • Gourmet News
  • Specialty Food Magazine
  • Specialty Retailer
  • Stationery Trends
  • Museums & More

What industry publication have you found that is not listed here?