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If obtaining a liquor license is your goal, you’ll want to review these 9 steps to legally add alcohol to gift baskets.

Your gut versus the law

When a customer asked me to include a few mini bottles of alcohol to a gift basket, my initial response was “yes.” In the back of my mind, I had a strong feeling that buying and adding alcohol of any kind was illegal without a license. I was right. Thankfully, this one rule breaker was short lived.

I never again agreed to add alcohol in gift baskets before obtaining a liquor license.

If getting approval to include wine, liquor, or beer in gift baskets is your goal, there are steps to take along the way. You may get the license, or you might not. The result depends on several factors including these 9 steps to legally add alcohol to gift baskets.

First five

  1. What’s your plan?

Why is obtaining this license important for your business? Focus on how this additional option will enhance your designs and marketability.

  1. How many licenses are available?

Liquor licenses are not unlimited. Every city, region, area, etc., offers a fixed amount of approvals. By the time you apply, all licenses may be distributed, so do not fret if this happens. Consider alternatives in case this is true.

  1. What’s the value?

Focus on whether or not pursuing this license is worth the time and money it takes to get it. How will it expand your client list? Where will you market this additional sales option?

  1. Where will you keep the goods?

A storage cabinet that stays locked at all times is required for alcohol, and that’s true no matter your location. Prepare a space now so easy access is not allowed even if you work alone.

  1. Which wholesaler sells what you need?

Do your research now regarding local suppliers, a topic strongly suggested in Gift Basket Products, So Easy to Find. Also, decide if you’ll buy by the case or on request. Act now as though you have the license so you’re ready to proceed.

Final four

  1. What are the local laws?

Review the online application to prepare for its completion. If you’re not sure about some answers, this early stage is the time to seek help from a business similar to yours that has received a license.

  1. Who can provide insight?

A politician, clergy person, or attorney may be helpful to establish your trustworthiness in this cause. This is especially true if your business is home based, a location that may not be granted a license without powerful support.

  1. How much will it cost?

Prepare to dig deep into your pockets to pay the filing fee and, if approved, the annual license fee. The investment cost goes back to answers in Nos. 1 and 3.

  1. Which U.S. states and outside countries allow liquor deliveries?

If you’re approved for a license, you may be able to ship your liquor, wine, and beer gift baskets outside of your area. However, certain locations prohibit such shipping. Know the law before you proceed.

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Which step convinces or discourages you from applying for a liquor license?