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Ready to advertise your products and/or services on this site to gift basket designers and related professionals? is where thousands of designers worldwide visit for the latest insights on gift basket sales, marketing, trade shows, and more.

This site is their destination to search for and find information, education, and products or services like yours to start and build their businesses.

Advertising options

Advertising at
  • Promote specials and similar updates via text to Facebook page and group members.
  • Broadcast your message through a series of Facebook Live events.
  • Include your promotional text and URL to the weekly Basket Biz newsletter.
  • Create and upload a series of videos onto the YouTube Gift Basket Business channel.
  • Tweet specials and similar updates to Twitter followers.
  • Write articles for you published on the blog.

It’s all done for you

Once you identify which advertising options match your goals, we take care of the rest unless you have promotional text or images ready for distribution.

Why? Social media can be difficult and confusing for marketing, two problems that are solved here so you concentrate on sales.

A short list of wholesale and service advertisers

  • Adeline’s Gourmet Foods
  • Alaska Smokehouse
  • American Vintage Wine Biscuits
  • Angelic Gourmet
  • Apex Gift Foods
  • Bari and Gail Chocolatier
  • Big Steer Enterprises
  • Bomba Insurance Co.
  • Cakes for Baskets
  • Can Creations
  • Cary’s of Oregon
  • Chase Collection
  • Chocoholics Divine Desserts
  • Christopher Brookes Distinctive Foods
  • Commito and Company
  • Creative Cookie
  • Country Fresh Food & Confections
  • David Alan Chocolatier
  • Delicae Gourmet
  • Golden Walnut Specialty Foods
  • Highland Beef Farms
  • Hod Turner and Co.
  • J. Rouse Sales
  • JDW Distributors
  • Keller’s Crunch
  • Kennedy Gourmet
  • Lighthouse Gourmet
  • Louretta’s Popcorn
  • John Wm. Macy’s CheeseSticks
  • Maxwell’s Gourmet Foods
  • Michaelene’s Granola
  • Monteith’s Authentic English Toffee
  • Morin’s Landing
  • Nashville Wraps
  • Neighbors Coffee
  • The Pasta Shoppe
  • Peters Imports
  • Pride of Alaska
  • PurpleMoose Products
  • Simon and Cohen
  • Stephany’s Chocolate
  • Tortuga Rum Cake Company
  • Ultimate Baking
  • Ultimate Biscotti

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