Could selling through the world’s largest e-commerce site be in your future? Find out why Amazon may be your gift basket sales partner.

A revenue option to consider

Why would you choose Amazon as a potential partner to sell your gift baskets? There is potential on that platform just as there is on other sites that expand your visibility. Amazon, however, is the behemoth with the largest opportunity to grow your business if you are ready for growth.

What does “ready” mean?

In our industry, the word “ready” includes:

  • Renting or leasing space for inventory, support, and other requirements
  • Having staff to design, track sales, manage reports, and other duties
  • Budgeting for fees that Amazon charges for their assistance

This operational investment is what elevates you above local retailers and holiday sellers. It may also mirror the original vision you created for your gift basket business, such as:

To launch and maintain a creative enterprise that employs local individuals, provides value within the community, and creates a lifestyle and legacy for my family.

Steps to take

Amazon supplies much detail on their site to support your gift basket sales goals. Some of the groundwork to get you started is:

  • Create a seller’s account
  • Learn and understand the fees
  • Enroll in a seller’s plan
  • List your gift baskets
  • Decide if you or Amazon will ship

Can it all be so simple to sell your gift baskets on Amazon? As with setting up your own website or participating on another selling site, nothing is truly simple. If it were, every gift basket retailer would be part of Amazon. However, there are possibilities for this affiliation.

Some things stay the same

Marketing is still in your hands if you pursue this avenue. Your promotions will include letting customers know that your gift baskets are within the Amazon system, or perhaps not. Perhaps you will continue leading customers to your own website to bypass the cost of sharing the sale with Amazon while people who don’t know you exist buy directly on Amazon. That may be part of your strategy.

Why Amazon may be your gift basket sales partner

Take a look at Amazon’s program and decide if it’s for you. There are advantages and potential disadvantages depending on your business planning.

The episode 47 podcast, Selling Gift Baskets through Amazon, provides more details on this topic.