A skilled florist puts all of her energy into creating a work of art with flowers whether in a vase or garden.

The same is true about your love for crafting a masterpiece contained in a basket or another vessel and filled with foods and gifts chosen for a special person.

When you design a gift basket, your goal is not only to make the giver and receiver happy. It’s also to create a visual presentation that will always be treasured. These are reasons why selecting the perfect bow is critical.

Everything about the gift basket must be meticulously chosen, from the basket to the bow. Tying a string around the cellophane just won’t do. A bow made right is the icing.

I share in the video article, From Flat Ribbon to Beautiful Bow, what a thrill it was to travel 3,000 miles to Los Angeles to attend a bowmaking session. That’s how important learning how to make bows was and still is to my business. At the time there was no Internet and no community college courses teaching the art of bowmaking.

How mesmerizing it was to be in a classroom with a beautiful roll of teal-colored ribbon in front of me while waiting for the teacher’s instruction. That day each of us learned how to make a puff bow. It’s the same type of bow shown in the video, and it’s still one of my most-popular gift basket bows.

There are other bow types you can make for gift baskets that are demonstrated online, which is probably the best place to learn. You’ll not only find bowmaking tutorials on YouTube and craft sites; there are also demonstrations on sites where ribbon is sold.

All about ribbon for bows

Ribbon is available in 1/2″ to 3″ widths, and ribbon colors, both plain and printed, are found in every conceivable pattern.

Ribbon styles are wired and non-wired. Both are appropriate for making bows.

If you’re not ready to make bows from ribbon, you’ll find pre-made bows at craft stores. These bows are made by pulling two thin ribbons to create the bow. Students in my bowmaking classes exclaimed verbal “aahs” as I showed how the flat ribbon suddenly puffed into place.

Always crown your masterful creation with a bow that is as dazzling as the design.

What bow have you seen in the past that you want to re-create for your gift baskets?

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