It’s fun to watch a teacher make gift baskets. Can’t find in-person gift basket classes? Here’s where to look and decide which is best for you.

Up close and personal

Many of us want to see creativity in action. That’s why the need to attend in-person gift basket classes continues to be popular. It’s why I initially wrote the article, Where are the Gift Basket Classes? We love learning and being around like-minded people.

You may not be able to find a local in-person class. Why? Not every person who makes and sells gift baskets wants to teach or wants to make time to teach. Designers who are doing well (making money and growing their customer list) are busy and aren’t ready to share their wisdom with up and comers. They’re focused on a plan of action that enhances their lifestyles, so teaching an in-person gift basket class is often not part of the vision.

In addition, there’s a fine line between designing and teaching. Not everyone who makes gift baskets has the ability to translate the steps. Their strength may be in making and marketing. I’ve know this fact well.

Two different teaching methods

Years ago I was asked to speak at an event that featured a person hired to teach gift basket making along with my participation as another instructor. The other person’s workshop was scheduled before mine, so I glanced into her room and saw her talking more than demonstrating. That was her way, which is fine. However, I was given lots of feedback from aspiring designers who attended her session and mine. There was lots of disappointment regarding the other teacher’s method while I was given glowing remarks.

What I share is certainly not to boost my ego (if you know me, you know this to be true). I’m pointing out that some designers have the teaching gene, the understanding of how to lead a class of up-and coming designers.

From experience, we realize that new designers want to know all about starting a gift basket business or at least know how to make these beautiful arrangements. We also recognize what our students want to learn and what gets them excited. We come prepared with:

  • Demonstration products featuring baskets, foods, gifts, and wrapping items
  • Insider secrets on what and where to buy
  • Resource sheets that make it easy to find what’s needed locally and online

The ongoing search for classes

It’s a shame that there aren’t many in-person gift basket classes available in the world. That’s the way it is right now. I’m betting that there are other things you want that simply aren’t accessible. For example, the minute you want a white, button-down shirt, everything else is on the market. So many things are in that category at the exact moment you want it.

If you are looking for an in-person class but don’t see it in your area, here are places to continue your search as well as find alternatives.

Adult Schools

These community-gathering spots are hosted by many education centers. Their brochures can usually be found online if you’re not on the postal mailing list. Even if you don’t see a gift basket class, there may be courses on flower arranging, weaving, and parallel pursuits.

Retail Craft Stores

This option may be rare, but it can also be a great find if a store in your area posts a monthly calendar of activities. When visiting, see if gift baskets is on the schedule, or call the store to learn if such a class is upcoming.

Online Courses

Learn-in-your-pajamas lessons are hosted by education groups that bring all types of learning experiences to life in the comfort of your home. I teach several courses listed on this page, and you’ll find more using the search term “gift basket classes.” In one of my courses, I provide students with a private link to a comprehensive gift basket making video that includes a bowmaking lesson, too.


Many people share their creative expertise here. My channel is, and you’ll find other channels with helpful demonstrations.

Still can’t find in-person gift basket classes?

The best advice I can provide is to consider more alternatives than shared in this article. Even if there is a class close to you, it may occur on a day and time when your schedule includes another activity. That’s a shame, but overlaps happen when you least want it.

You are more fortunate than I was when entering this creative business. I started with no internet, no courses, and no publications. What I did start with was a passion for success. That’s what you have, so work with that until you find your perfect in-person gift basket class.