Can you walk out of a store without paying for merchandise? The answer to that question will stop you from ever again asking: why can’t I get paid up front? Read more.

Ask and you shall receive

The simple answer to the title question is, “You don’t ask for it.

You can get paid, ahead of time, to make gift baskets if getting paid first is part of your sales policy.

I had no payment rules when receiving an order from the woman who wanted everything except the kitchen sink in a $30 design.

The result? I waited 30 days for $30 by mail, and looking back, I’m lucky to have received payment.

If that customer did not pay, what would have been my recourse?

  • Send an invoice each month?
  • Take her to small claims court?
  • Call her with a friendly reminder?

None of that would have worked, and you know it. I would have been out of money, product, patience, and energy chasing $30.

Do what smart retailers do

How many stores can you walk into and exit with merchandise you didn’t legally purchase by opening your wallet and submitting cash, credit card, or another payment type?

No one allows this, and the same rules can and will apply for you if you’re ready to set up the same policy. You need money to start your business, as another article explains in full. You also need money to maintain your business, right?

If you’re going to make money with gift baskets and gift boxes, decide at the very beginning of business how you will collect payments. If you don’t, submit your complaints to the person you see in the mirror, because that’s the person who let you down.

How never again to ask, “Why can’t I get paid up front?”

Here’s the real deal on getting payment up front for those gorgeous gift baskets you take time and energy to design.

1. If you have no policy to get paid first, recognize that you are a charity, not a business.
2. Anyone who doesn’t want to pay up front is a browser, not a buyer.
3. Pat yourself on the back when you decline a sale to someone who doesn’t adhere to your pay-first policy.
4. Review competitors’ payment rules to confirm that up-front payments are mandatory.
5. Visualize living in the street or not eating a meal because you didn’t collect money.

No. 5 ought to compel you to get your payment policy in order.

Be honest

Finally, ask yourself what is the real problem.

Is it that you’re a nice person who wants to please everyone, or you’re not sure about the words to say to inform buyers how to pay?

In either case, it’s time to get real help to solve this by speaking with me. It’s better to fill your bank account with cash rather than drown in debt. One coaching session with me will produce a written script and time to practice your in-person and by-phone sales talk. I make it real easy for you to get results.

You have to get serious if you plan to sell gift basket and boxes, especially if you want to sell to corporations. One corporate sale without getting payment has the potential to end your business. I’ve seen it happen, and I’ve unfortunately heard how it’s happened to former designers. You don’t want that in your future. Schedule a call today.

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