Cellophane, Shrink Wrap, Basket Bags

Cellophane is the most-popular gift basket wrapping product. Its popularity is due to its ease of use as well as its availability at discount stores and craft shops.

Cellophane only needs clear tape and a steady hand around the gift basket to close and protect the gift.

There are other wrapping products available to enclose a gift basket. This includes shrink wrap and basket bags. Tulle, which can be found at most fabric stores, is a popular choice for wedding and baby baskets.

Choosing cellophane, shrink wrap, or another product is a matter of taste and accessibility to the required supplies. If you believe that shrink wrap will be more attractive because of its crystal-clear appearance, then it will be necessary to buy shrink wrap bags or either an entire shrink wrap machine along with a heat gun to shrink the wrap around the completed gift basket.

To some, shrink wrap looks stiff and commercial because of its use by large retailers who count on shrink wrap to hold baskets of fruit in place.

Basket bags have also become more common and easier to buy in craft stores.

The following links provide an expanded overview of all three wrapping supplies.


Shrink wrap

Basket bags

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