Many designers start and stay with cellophane because of its simplicity, easy access from a variety of sources, and reliability to keep the gift’s contents enclosed without a tight grip.

Some may disagree with cellophane being easy to use, as folding and closing the sides in a smooth manner is not always simple. However, with practice and by watching the video above, you can masterfully control cellophane and create a true work of art.

Cellophane, also known as cello, is manufactured in sizes from 20 inches to 40 inches in width.

Most are sold in 100-foot rolls, but some manufacturers specialize in 500-foot rolls. That length will last for quite a while unless you make hundreds of baskets for fun or profit each week .

You’ll find cellophane in clear (transparent) and printed formats (covered with lovely patterns of flowers, fruit, birds, rice, palm leaves, etc.).

There are also opaque and pastel colors, which are usually wrapped around Easter baskets sold in retail stores. It’s rarely, if ever, chosen by us.

Cellophane - Gift Basket BusinessCellophane is sold at discount stores, craft stores, local floral wholesalers, gift and gourmet trade shows, and online through international suppliers.

As you buy cellophane from different sellers, you will learn that some cellophane is thin and easy to tear while other cellophane is thicker and more durable.

You, of course, want the durable cellophane, which is available more often at places where retailers buy their products than at craft stores and discount shops that sell the cheaper, easy-to-tear kind.

Here’s where to learn about shrink wrap.

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Cellophane – Gift Basket Business

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