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Shrink Wrap - Gift Basket Business. From the book, The Gift Basket Design Book by Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.Many of us choose shrink wrap to ship a gift basket down the street or around the world.

That’s because you can place this wonderfully-durable material around the finished basket and heat it to form a snug fit using specialized equipment to enclose each design tightly and securely.

Shrink wrap is available in three versions:

  • On a roll
  • As a bag
  • In a dome shape (placed down and around the gift rather than from bottom to top)

Many of us work with shrink wrap in one or two of these styles rather than all three. Shrink wrap rolls are available in 25-foot lengths which can be used as testers to experiment with your design style before investing in professional equipment.

Manufacturers and suppliers sell kits with complete shrink wrap systems consisting of a machine that holds a 500-foot shrink roll, hand trimmer, and heat gun.

You can also choose not to invest in the machine and work exclusively with bags and dome shapes.

Shrink wrap rolls allow you to apply the wrap upward, with a fan on top, or downward without a fan. Shrink wrap bags are applied when you prefer a fan on top, and dome shapes close the design from the top to the bottom so no fan appears on top.

Shrink Wrap - Gift Basket BusinessNot sure what I mean by a fan? The picture at left shows what it looks like as it’s trimmed to look even and attractive.

A fan is excess, loose shrink wrap (or cellophane) above the basket and just in back of the bow. It resembles a plume. Just imagine a peacock’s feathers on display, and you’ll know what a fan looks like. You can learn how to “fan out” this attractive styling in The Gift Basket Design Book and the DVD, Gift Basket Basics.

Shrink wrap is available in a variety of sizes that ensures less waste and better control when applying the material around each design.

Next, let’s review basket bags.

Copyright Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.

Shrink Wrap – Gift Basket Business

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