Shirley George Frazier teaching gift baskets in Washington, DC

Gift basket classes are available worldwide.

Still, a class may not be in your town or region, so you must be ready and willing to travel to a place where a knowledgeable person is sharing everything they know about this creative industry.

Here’s where to look to find a gift basket class in your area:

  • Adult schools
  • Learning centers
  • Community colleges
  • Gift trade shows (open to designers who have a business license issued by their state or country)
  • Online where Shirley George Frazier teaches a 12-lesson course, and the first lesson is free! Visit for details.

Type the words “gift basket class” into your favorite search engine to find a course in your area, or join the online Start Your Own Gift Basket Business class taught by Shirley. In the course you’ll learn how to make a professionally-styled gift basket, get lots of help with how to market, where to buy products, and how to design your perfect studio as well as have access to her to answer all of your questions.

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