Every business needs your undivided attention. This article helps you answer the question: do you have time for gift baskets?

Frequently-asked questions

Want to start a gift basket business but aren’t sure if it fits your lifestyle? This concern comes to mind for every new designer, and the same is true for retailers with established stores. Questions such as these are asked.

What if:

  • I’m on vacation when someone wants to order?
  • My child or senior parent gets sick and needs me?
  • My pet requires emergency care during work hours?
  • I have to work overtime at a traditional job?

The what if list goes on and on, but consider this: if personal responsibilities stopped everyone from being entrepreneurial, most things we enjoy in life would not exist.

Early bumps

Starting and maintaining a gift basket business is no more difficult than starting many other businesses. As in other industries, you make a determination about your working hours so it accommodates you and customers. This is one of the details you evaluate before you begin.

I knew this business was for me even though I had lots of personal duties. While planning my business I was:

  • Commuting to work in another state
  • Taking care of my family and home
  • Enrolled in two college courses per semester
  • Making sure family pets were cared for

That’s what I can remember, but I’m sure there were other needs. Still, starting a gift basket business was my goal, and it fit into my lifestyle. Having a family that supported all of the twists and turns was gratifying, and my hope is that the same support will be with you.

Breaks are necessary

Are you a designer who needs downtime from gift basket making and aren’t sure how to temporarily pause your business? You’re not alone. Many business owners take breaks for personal and business reasons, some of which are mentioned above.

For instance, you:

  • Give birth
  • Go on vacation
  • Provide family support
  • Attend to housing issues

There are retail and commercial stores that are open for one season and then close until that season reappears. This is true for some nut and fruit shops. I also know of hardware stores and shoe repair shops that close for vacation. Those owners don’t worry about customers returning. They let customers know their schedule, enjoy time off, and return. You can do the same.

Think before you start

Your gift is the art of being creative, and when combined with business ownership, your success can be outstanding. Before you begin, keep in mind that gift baskets require time and money whether you make and sell them full time or part time. The last thing you want to do is buy lots of supplies one month only to close your business six months later. Mentoring can help alleviate that problem.

Life situations will happen. However, as long as you’re ready to be in business for the long term, you’ll see that gift baskets can support your business and personal lives.

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