Are you thinking about new options to promote your business? You have choices, including one to enhance marketing with gift basket videos. Here’s how.

Three compelling reasons

There’s a lot on your plate. You have gift baskets to market, make, and an entire business to manage. Why on earth would you add making videos to your plan?

The reasons are long, but here’s three.

Preference. People consume information about your business in different ways depending on their learning influences. Some read, others listen, and still others watch. Videos are high on the list.

Seek and find. SEO (search engine optimization) plays a major part in online ranking. Video helps to determine who will be found for certain keywords and phrases individuals type into their preferred search engine.

Connection. The know, trust, and like factor is stronger when prospects and customers see a business visually. Your personality comes to life, and that increases interest and sales.

These reasons may encourage you to think of more methods to enhance marketing with gift basket videos. Customer suggestions and what you’ve seen other retailers make available in video format help build a case for you to start this helpful sales process.

What videos will you create?

Initial videos that come to mind show people the type of gift baskets you create. That’s logical. However, you are not on camera to teach gift basket making. You are there to market your designs so they sell quickly.

Here are three video making ideas.

Container options

You not only design using baskets, you also choose containers according to theme and occasion. Show viewers the types of containers you have in stock for their gorgeous gifts.

Payment options

Customers and general viewers may not be aware of the forms of payment you accept. Cash and credit cards are standard, but if Zelle, PayPal, and Bitcoin are included, share the news.

Healthy habits

Everyone wants to know about your health practices to ensure that their gifts and gift baskets are made, delivered, and shipped from a clean environment. Show how you and the staff maintain cleanliness practices.

You’ll hear more ideas in episode 40 of the Gift Basket Business podcast. There are also seven tips to make video creation easy, decide where to host your videos, and a review of video equipment.

Prepare for your closeup

Now that you’re ready to enhance marketing with gift basket videos, which type of video will you make first?

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